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SilverFlame Art Event: Mythic Transformation

Hello, friends!  I’m dropping in here to post about the new SilverFlame Art Event that is now underway: Mythic Transformation!  In this Event, which will last for a week, I’ll be offering heavily discounted themed commissions in which I “transform” you into the mythical creature of your choice via artwork.  Whether you’d like to be a faerie, a dragon, a unicorn, a mermaid, or any other mythic creature you can think of, I’ll create a digital drawing for you with linework and simple coloration.  The cost for these commissions is $30 per drawing.  I’m also offering discounts on finished digital painting requests that fall into this Event’s theme, selling them for $150 each.  And these also make great gifts, so feel free to request a Transformation for a friend or family member!

To request a drawing, please click the image below to be redirected to the Event’s landing page.  Be sure to read everything on the page thoroughly before you post!  Please post all requests on the Mythic Transformation landing page; comments will be disabled on this post.  

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This Week

With the completion of Aurora Weaver yesterday, I found myself lying in bed sometime around two in the morning, wrestling with creator’s insomnia.  You know, the sort of insomnia you get when the muse suddenly gets back from vacation and is rushing around your head, demanding that you work on five separate projects all at once.

Considering it was, you know, two in the morning, I finally coaxed the muse to shut up for awhile, at least while I got some sleep.  But today, I’ll be tackling the early stages of three new paintings.  I’ve shared the linework of one of them already, the Wilderland cover piece.  The second one will be a Mesoamerican serpent woman.  And the third will be a fantasy portrait piece that has been on a list of Things To Do for far too long.  (Matt, if you’re reading this, that one’s yours!)

Beyond all of that, I am drawing up plans for a new Event!  I’ll post further about it later, but in the meantime, I’ll say that it will be a themed discounted commission event, in which I will create simple linework-and-color art of you as the mythical creature of your choice– elves, unicorns, dragons, whatever you like.  The image above is a sample of the sort of work I’d be doing for this event.  Obviously, some creatures won’t bear an exact likeness.  😉

That’s all for now.  Once I’ve cemented my plan for the new Event, I’ll get it set up and post to the blog about it.  I may begin the Event tomorrow and let it run for a week.  Still working out the details on that.

Till later, everyone!

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New Fantasy Art: Aurora Weaver

fantasy art by Amyla Silverflame

Today I put the finishing touches on my latest fantasy art painting, Aurora Weaver.

 This was one of those pieces which gave me a bit of a headache at first, and I had a couple false starts on it, but it’s finally complete!  I had a bit of fun painting all those glowing colors and reflections, and those rippling Aurora ribbons.

Special thanks to TJStock on DeviantArt for providing the reference image.

Aurora Weaver is available for sale on my Fine Art America page in the form of prints, greeting cards, and other items.  Click the image below to be redirected.

Click the image to be redirected to Fine Art America in a new tab.
Click the image to be redirected to Fine Art America in a new tab.