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New Fantasy Art: The Emanicpation of Galatea

fantasy art by Amyla Silverflame

My latest painting is complete!  

There is an ancient tale, told in Greek myth, about a sculptor named Pygmalion who carved a statue out of marble, naming her Galatea. Lusting after the shapely and comely figure of the woman he had carved, he begged Aphrodite to bring her to life. And so Galatea was given life. I have a different take on the myth. Galatea, refusing to be Pygmalion’s prize, his possession, takes flight and travels a starry path of her own choosing.

Special thanks goes to SenshiStock for her wonderful photo reference stock!

Prints are available in my Pixels/FAA shop:  The Emancipation of Galatea

Or you can click the “Shop” link in the above menu and purchase without leaving the site.

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The Site Shop is Up!

Well, folks, the day has finally come!  It took a bit of frenzied circle-running, but I finally figured out the best way to make a shop available on the site for easy print and merchandise purchasing.  I’m selling through Fine Art America/Pixels, a fine print-on-demand service, so your packaging will reflect that.  

Pickings are pretty slim still, but I’m working on new artwork and will be uploading completed pieces as soon as they’re ready.  So do keep checking back!  Until then, feel free to browse around and order anything that catches your fancy; everything’s up and running and ready to go.  Some items in the shop include canvas prints, coffee cups, tote bags, tee shirts, and plenty more.

 Click to Enter The SilverFlame Art Shop

Or you can browse from here:


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Happy Friday!

Well, it’s been a bit of a slow week, but I’ve been doing a bit of work on some new art.  I’m not quite ready to post WIP shots yet, since things are still in a pretty rough stage, but hopefully soon!

This Week’s Event

The Mythic Transformation Event has ended.  I will, at some point, probably hold another discounted commission Event, either in that theme or some other theme, but I’m not certain when at this point.  

This Blog

Blogging has already fallen by the wayside, I know.  I’m starting to think I’m more suited to focusing on creating art than to keeping up with a blogging schedule– it was really taking away from art time.  I think I’m going to shift focus a bit with this blog and use it mainly for updates, maybe the occasional tutorial, and the rare lifestyle piece when I feel the inspiration, cutting back on posting frequency to two to three times a week.  

Creative Writing Projects

I’m uncertain what I’ll do about The Wilderland— it’s been feeling a bit too abstract to me.  I still definitely want to create with a combination of art and writing, but I want to create quality work, and I don’t feel like I’ve been doing that with this project.  So I may need to go back to the proverbial drawing board and figure some things out.  The character of Galatea, for instance, was in fact originally created by me as a role-playing character meant for the Doctor Who universe.  I have tried to separate her from her roots before and felt her story start to unravel.  I’m debating whether or not I should simply tell her story as I originally intended, though perhaps on another site, or maybe even on a subdomain of this site.  What do all of you think?


On a more positive note, I’d like to post a friendly reminder that, though my site shop isn’t up and running yet, I do have a Fine Art America shop where I sell prints.  In fact, I am seriously considering using FAA for all of my print and merchandise sales since it simplifies tax issues– one of the main reasons I’ve delayed setting up shop here.  The tax laws for drop shipping, which is what I was going to use for the site shop, are mind-boggling!  Print-on-demand sites such as FAA vastly simplify matters.  I am probably going to go ahead and spring for a premium membership on FAA so I can mirror the shop on this site.

“Aurora Weaver” and a small selection of other pieces are available on my FAA site.  Also, there is a plethora of very talented artists on that site who offer their work for sale!  Take a look at FAA’s list of fantasy art prints for sale.

fantasy art by Amyla Silverflame
Click the image to be redirected to my Fine Art America page, where you can purchase this and other prints.