Amyla (Amy Robbins) has been creating art since her childhood, which she filled with drawings of horses and big cats and wolves, and adventure stories that she wrote and illustrated.  Largely self-taught (with the help of books) throughout her child and teen years, she grew up to attend the Art Institute of Houston in pursuit of a degree in graphic design.

Instead of becoming a graphic designer, though, Amyla chose to devote many years of her life to travel and hospitality work, living in some of the most spectacular places in the country.  She never quite gave up on the art, though, painting the things that inspired her and sang to her soul.  She created a number of commissions for private clients in this time.

She returned to Texas in the Autumn of 2012 after a health crisis and has been helping to take care of her family, who have been struggling with their own health problems, ever since.  In this time, Amyla has shifted her focus more directly to her art, opening for commissions full-time and creating numerous paintings both for her private collections and for those of her clients.

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