Mythic Transformation

mythic transformation fantasy art

This Event is now closed!

Greetings, Travelers.  Come, come, enter and be welcome.  You come to this place seeking transformation?  You come here searching for the Mythic within yourself?  The wondrous?  The magical?

Then here you shall find it.

Welcome to the first Art Event at the new SilverFlame Art– Mythic Transformation!  In this discounted themed commission Event, I will take your submitted photos of yourself and transform you artistically into the mythic creature of your choice.  It’s your decision– do you want to be a faerie?  A dragon?  A unicorn, a vampire, a werewolf, a mermaid?  Any mythic creature you can think of.  

Each Mythic portrait will be digitally hand-drawn, with linework, simple coloration, and a gradient background, for a flat rate of $30 per drawing.   You can submit photos of yourself, or you could submit a photo of your loved ones– these drawings make wonderful gifts!

The Mythic Transformation Event will end on Thursday, March 2.

mythic transformation fantasy art
Mythic Transformation Dragon


Follow these steps to order your Mythic Transformation drawing:

  1. Choose a high-quality photo of yourself or whomever you want me to draw.  One figure per drawing, please.  Upload the image to your own server or photo site.  Please note that if you want a full-body drawing, you will need to give me a full-body photo.  I will also do half-body or portrait views.  Your photo doesn’t have to be high resolution, but make sure it isn’t grainy, overly dark or washed-out, too small, or otherwise difficult to see and work with. If I am unable to use your photo for reference, I will contact you to request another.
  2. On this page, leave a comment below specifying what sort of mythic creature you would like me to draw.  You can either embed the photo in the comment using html code (< img src = “http : // image.jpg” > < / img> with the spaces removed) or you can just copy and paste a link to the photo in the comment. 
  3. Specify in your comment any details you would like to have included in the drawing– costume, jewelry, etc.  Please note that I will not be creating backgrounds for the $30 pieces, only a simple gradient coloration.  Also, stating the obvious, any non-humanoid creatures will not bear a direct likeness to you!  In the case of non-humanoid creatures such as dragons, I will try to capture the personality and feel of the person in the photograph.
  4.   Use the PayPal button below to pay for your commission.  Please be sure to specify in the PayPal form who you are, using the same name you used in your comment!  
  5. Payment for the $30 commissions is required upfront, and I do not give refunds for completed artwork.  Any modifications will incur extra cost.

That depends on how many Event commissions I have in my queue.  Please allow anywhere from a week to a month or two for completion; this Event is first come, first served.  I will get to every piece ordered, barring unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances such as a medical emergency.  If for some reason, I am unable to complete your commission, I will inform you and give you a complete refund.

As I complete each drawing, I will upload it (lower-res and watermarked) to the Mythic Transformation Artwork page, reply to your comment on this page to inform you of its completion, and email you with a private link to the high-res, un-watermarked image.  My current computer can only handle up to 150 dpi, so that will be the resolution of your full-sized image.

Absolutely!  In fact, I will be offering a couple of perks for people who want to commission a finished piece based on a Mythic Transformation drawing:

  1. A discount on my regular digital painting commission prices.  My regular commission prices start at $300, but I will be offering digital paintings of your Mythic Transformation pieces at a flat rate of $150.  Please note that this rate is only for Mythic Transformation artwork commissioned during this Event.  You can also skip the simple drawing and just order a full Mythic Transformation digital painting.
  2. The discounted commission rate includes one figure and a simple background.  If you would like a simple landscape background, such as mountains, a forest, the ocean, or a very simple architectural background, I will include that in the painting.   More complex backgrounds will incur additional cost.
  3. The cost of your Mythic Transformation drawing will be subtracted from the final digital painting commission price.  If you ordered a Mythic Transformation drawing before requesting a digital painting of the piece, you will have already paid for part of the final cost, leaving $120 remaining.
  4. I can work out a payment plan with you for digital painting commissions.  If you can’t afford the whole thing upfront, don’t worry– I’m very flexible when it comes to larger commissions.  Payments can be as low as $20 a month.  I will give you updates via email during the painting process, and once you’ve made the final payment, I will deliver the full-sized, high-res artwork in your inbox.

Yes, if you would like a print, let me know and I can upload it to my print-on-demand account and send it to you for the additional cost of printing and shipping, which will be determined by the size of the print and your location.  International shipping rates will apply where applicable.  Payment for prints must be completed before I send them; I’ll send you a quote based on the POD site’s rates.

Disclaimer:  I maintain the right to turn down commission jobs for any reason.  I will not create artwork depicting subject matter that is offensive to me.  I will not create artwork that promotes hatred or bigotry of any sort.  This is a family-friendly event, so I will turn down any Mythic Transformations commissions that don’t fall into that category.  I retain the rights to any artwork I create for this event, but I give permission for clients to share on their personal blogs and sites, with proper attribution and a link to SilverFlame Art, any artwork I create for them.  Do not resell the artwork or use for commercial purposes without permission from the artist.  If you would like to use the artwork on a book cover or for some other commercial purpose, we can discuss rates, royalties, etc.


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5 comments on Mythic Transformation

  1. I’d like to reserve a space (Arethinn) and will pay for it now (my paypal address is, but I’ll need to get back to you in a few days with a reference picture. I don’t think I have something suitable on my HD already, and I’ve been sick lately and will need a little time to take one.

    1. Hi there, Arethinn! You’re absolutely welcome to do that. Just drop another comment whenever you’re ready and I’ll whip your drawing up for you. Hope you feel better soon!

      1. Sorry it’s taken literally a month for me to get around to this!

        Reference photo: (case sensitive, JPG has to be in caps). I didn’t realize until I came back here to read the page again that it sounds like you would be intending to use the pose, so don’t take the pose or the expression too literally as I didn’t really have that in mind when taking the pictures. There are seven others in that folder numbered ref1.JPG, ref2.JPG, etc through ref8.JPG if you would like some other views.

        I’d like the portrait to be as a sidhe/fae. Ears pointed, the hair can stay long and purple as it is, but should have maybe some highlights/streaks of silver and blue. Wings tend to somewhat of the tattered/ragged look with a glow (think Froud); or better, they can be thought of as light drawn on the air, although that might be hard to achieve in a simple sketch. A crown or corona of light off the head, something like the small central figure in this piece: and actually the clothing could kind of look like that too.

        Is that doable?

        1. Hey, no problem! I hope you’re feeling better.

          This is all doable. Did you have a specific pose in mind that you could describe, or would you rather I use the photo as a starting place and embellish the pose?

          Will probably have this done within the week. Thanks for participating!

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