New Ongoing Art and Short Writing Project: Avaryas

Hello, friends!

So, I thought at first to go about this project anonymously in order to give a more immersive experience, but I’ve decided for a number of reasons to go ahead and put my name on it and promote it as a part of my SilverFlame Art project.  

I’ve been toying with this idea for some time now, and, as with a lot of my more ambitious projects, it had a bit of a stuttering start some time ago before being shelved for a bit.  However, it’s been ruminating– and growing– in the back of my mind for some time, until it finally decided it was time to see the light of day.

The great bulk of this project is visual.  I’ve been pushing myself to produce one speedpainting a day for five days a week.  (I’ve found the surrealist pieces to take around three to four hours, which might stretch the definition of “speedpainting,” but it’s still very, very fast for me!)  The art is a blend of surrealism, abstract, dark, esoteric, mystical, bizarre, and even downright absurd.  The writing is the same, usually short and cryptic, sometimes in separate posts and sometimes on the artwork itself.

And so, I present Avaryas Saligia.

avaryas headshot
Click the image to go to Avaryas’ site.

This project, currently hosted on WordPress  with prints for sale at Fine Art America, is something of an ambitious, ongoing collection which blends character building, art, and fragmentary writing to slowly build a complex synergy. Avaryas Saligia is a somewhat enigmatic figure who lingers in the shadows of humanity. His intentions, his philosophies, his games– all have purpose, but that purpose is his to know.

From his mini bio:

Avaryas Saligia may or may not be a peculiarly sinister personification. Hints to his true nature, and thus his true age, can be found in his name. He is incapable of saying anything in any manner that even remotely resembles anything unambiguous. He is a man of incomparable depth, a veritable black hole where all things logical and sensible are crushed into endless spaghetti-thin strands of Weird. He is terrified of his own portrait. And he likes to paint.


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Here’s a sampling of some of this project’s art:


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