SilverFlame Art Event: Mythic Transformation

Hello, friends!  I’m dropping in here to post about the new SilverFlame Art Event that is now underway: Mythic Transformation!  In this Event, which will last for a week, I’ll be offering heavily discounted themed commissions in which I “transform” you into the mythical creature of your choice via artwork.  Whether you’d like to be a faerie, a dragon, a unicorn, a mermaid, or any other mythic creature you can think of, I’ll create a digital drawing for you with linework and simple coloration.  The cost for these commissions is $30 per drawing.  I’m also offering discounts on finished digital painting requests that fall into this Event’s theme, selling them for $150 each.  And these also make great gifts, so feel free to request a Transformation for a friend or family member!

To request a drawing, please click the image below to be redirected to the Event’s landing page.  Be sure to read everything on the page thoroughly before you post!  Please post all requests on the Mythic Transformation landing page; comments will be disabled on this post.  

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