The Character Portrait Event is Now Open!

Click the image to go to the Character Portrait Event!

For one week, during my Character Portrait Event, I’ll be offering character portrait commissions, created in a digital lineart-and-coloration style, at discounted rates, starting at $30 for a half-body, single-character portrait against a simple gradient background.  Other content combinations are available, such as full-body portraits, additional characters in a portrait, and backgrounds.  I will accept commissions for both original and fandom characters.

These portraits will be digital only and will be sent to you via email, as well as displayed in comment replies and on the Character Portrait Gallery page.  Prints can be made available privately to client upon request, through my print-on-demand account on Fine Art America, to be purchased through Fine Art America for the additional cost of printing and shipping.

Be sure to read everything on the Character Portrait Event landing page before requesting a commission!

Comments are disabled on this post; please leave all questions and requests on the landing page. 

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