Updates: New Art, Work in Progress, Patreon

I am the worst when it comes to updating this blog.  I really need to do better.  BUT– I do have updates to share!

First:  a completed fantasy portrait.  “Matt the Wolf” is a portrait of a friend of mine who has quite the affinity with wolves– and werewolves.  

If you’d like to commission something like this from me, have a wander over to my Commission Information Page and read through the information there.  You can leave me a message through the contact form at the bottom of that page.

Second:  I am returning to work on a piece that has been languishing on my hard drive for a time– “The Serpent Woman.”  I more or less finished the background ages ago but never got to the figure, and I kept seeing it in my WIP folder but just kept putting it off in favor of other projects.  But I decided it was time and got back to work on it.

I’ve mostly finished the skin, face/features, etc.  They may need a bit more work later, but I’ll be moving on to painting the feather dress next.  The base colors are black, but I’ll be layering iridescent colors over the black to give the feathers a tropical look.  Same for the feathered serpent and the woman’s hair.  

serpent woman jungle feathers
Work in Progress– The Serpent Woman
Work in Progress (crop)

Last: Just a note to bring up my Patreon.  I’ve been focusing more on it lately, posting updates and such.  Patrons of $5 or more can participate in Patron Sketch Days, vote on what Patron-only projects I start, have access to discounts in the SilverFlame Art shop, and high-res, unwatermarked downloads of art.  

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