Updates, News, and Gratitude

Another week has begun! I’ve got a few little updates to share.

  •  I didn’t do as much art the past few weeks as I had wanted. Between getting the site back up and redesigned, coming up with new content, and struggling with the shop integration app and my hosting company, not to mention a sudden and very unwelcome relapse of the flu, the actual art progress managed to get pushed to the back burner. I did make some progress on Aurora Weaver, though. I’ve been working mostly on the background; namely the mountains. I am far from satisfied with the mountain range to the left side of the piece, but I’ll be painting over it today to correct it. Once that’s completed, I’ll be painting the Aurora Borealis as rippling ribbons that she is weaving with her fingers, strengthening and correcting the stylized outline of the figure, and making some other minor corrections and additions to the figure and background. She’ll be done this week, I expect!

  • This Friday’s Wilderland post is written and ready to go! I’ll be doing the sketch for it sometime this week. In this post, Galatea finds herself at a crossroads of a sort.


  • I’ll be setting up the site shop this week, barring any further obstacles. Thanks to the help of my hosting company, the error I kept getting when trying to integrate things seems to be repaired. I hope. For the time being, I’ll be selling just a handful of my images. These will be available on a variety of prints and gift items such as coffee cups and tee shirts. I’ll be adding more artwork to the available selections as I complete it.


  • I’ve had a Patreon account for some time, but took the info on it down some time ago because it wasn’t getting any traffic. However, I’ve been thinking about it again lately, and I’m going to open it back up again. This is going to take a few good brainstorming sessions on my part, but I’ll be offering some exclusive material to patrons on that site as well as various patron perks. Getting this set up and launched is on my list of Things To Do This Week, so do stay tuned!


  • And finally, I would like to take the time to thank those of you who have shown support in so many ways to SilverFlame Art and the creative endeavours I post to it! You guys are truly wonderful, and I know for certain that SFA would not still be in existence today without you. I want to do something special for you all in the upcoming months. A painting or a project of some sort. I’m not sure what, just yet, but figuring that out is also on this week’s Goals list.

That’s it for now. Of course, I have a handful of blog posts in my folder ready to be proofread and posted, and I’ll be writing more this week. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I prefer to stay at least a week ahead (except for update posts like this, which I write on the spot) so I can avoid missing too many days in a row. I have several posts about artistic living, about motivation, discouragement, and seeing things through artistic eyes, and about a blue rabbit that lives on the moon. I have several articles planned, but not yet written, of a more practical nature– book reviews and how-to’s and tools of the trade. SilverFlame Art will be a fairly active site in the coming months, and I encourage you all to comment on the posts, interact, and give feedback about what you like and what you would like to see!


If you’ve enjoyed the art and writing I’ve created for this site and wish to support the artist, you can help by leaving a comment, sharing this post to your social media feeds, or leaving a tip in the below tip jar, which links to PayPal.  Thank you all so much for your support!

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